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A bridge between new money and old money

Our Mission

Bridging Separate Worlds

Sweetwater Digital Asset Consulting is a bridge between new money and old money — that is, the literal  “new money” of non-commercial, open-source, grass-roots, cypherpunk cryptocurrency projects, and the incumbent “old money” industry of sophisticated trust and estate planning, structural asset protection, and legacy wealth and portfolio management.

These very separate worlds rarely interact on a level beyond the superficial, resulting in mutual misunderstanding and missed opportunities on both sides.

With top-notch credentials and credibility within both traditional asset management and decentralized cryptocurrency communities, Sweetwater Digital Asset Consulting offers guidance to both “new money” clients and “old money” clients who have the potential to substantially benefit from the ideas, insights, and strategies that the “other” side can offer.

"New Money" Clients

Just a few critical years ago, you had the intelligence to understand the mechanics of Nakamoto consensus, the foresight to envision the growth of your cryptocurrency’s community, and the courage to act financially on your convictions. You’ve figured out a robust personal solution for self-custody and have avoided the many technical pitfalls that have trapped others along the way.  But are you ready for the world outside of crypto?

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"Old Money" Clients

As a portfolio manager, you can’t ignore the historical performance of cryptocurrency — yet you realize that first, you need to understand it much better.  Is cryptocurrency a legitimate innovation or an overhyped fad?  How does one choose among the thousands of competing cryptocurrency projects?  What valuation and risk frameworks can provide insight?  What are the pros and cons of outsourcing custody?

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About Us

Professional Excellence

Dr. Daniel Kim (BA/MA/PhD physics Harvard, MBA Yale) is the CEO/Founder of Sweetwater Digital Asset Consulting, LLC, an independent consultancy connecting the “new money” of non-commercial, open-source, grass-roots, cypherpunk cryptocurrency projects, with the incumbent “old money” industry of legacy portfolio management, trust and estate planning, and structural asset protection.

The multidisciplinary facets of decentralized digital assets such as Monero and Bitcoin are a natural fit for Daniel, a Renaissance man with wide-ranging achievements in the basic science, performing arts, healthcare, and financial sectors.  A 2013 winner of the CFA Institute’s prestigious Graham and Dodd top award for original research, he previously served as Director of Research at Zebra Capital Management, a ~$1B equity asset manager founded by Yale finance professor Roger Ibbotson.  With extensive university-level teaching experience within STEM department, business school, and medical school settings, Dr. Kim is also in demand as a public speaker who brings clear insight to the emerging asset class of cryptocurrencies.  As a volunteer for the nonprofit Monero Project, he has presented multiple invited keynotes at DEF CON and CCC, two of the world’s largest computer security conferences.  View Dr. Daniel Kim’s publications, presentations, and more.

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