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Connecting the worlds of cryptocurrency and traditional finance


Comprehensive Approach to Finance

Sweetwater Digital Asset Consulting bridges the worlds of non-commercial, open-source, grass-roots, cypherpunk cryptocurrency projects and legacy wealth management, structural asset protection, estate planning, and institutional investing. We offer highly personalized service to each of our clients.

Early Adopter Clients

Just a few critical years ago, you had the intelligence to understand the mechanics of Nakamoto consensus, the foresight to envision the growth of your cryptocurrency’s community, and the courage to act financially on your convictions. You’ve figured out self-custody and have avoided the many technical pitfalls that have trapped others along the way. Congratulations. But are you ready for the world outside of crypto?

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Conventional Asset Clients

As a portfolio manager, you can’t ignore the historical performance of cryptocurrency, yet you have numerous questions and concerns. Is cryptocurrency a legitimate innovation or an overhyped fad? What valuation frameworks can shed insight on its possible merits as part of a long-term investment portfolio? How does one choose among the numerous competing cryptocurrency projects? Finally, is there anyone with solid credentials who speaks in a language that makes sense to you, can help you to navigate this space, and doesn’t charge you three-and-thirty?

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About us

Professional Excellence

Dr. Daniel Kim (AB/AM/PhD physics Harvard, MBA Yale) is the Founder and President of Sweetwater Digital Asset Consulting, LLC, which offers bespoke research and advisory services to institutional, trust, and family office investors seeking conceptual and practical guidance in considering cryptocurrency exposure for their portfolios. A 2013 winner of the CFA Institute’s prestigious Graham and Dodd top award for original research, he previously served as Director of Research at a ~$1B equity asset manager.

With a multidisciplinary track record of innovation in the basic science, performing arts, medical, and financial sectors, his breadth of knowledge has been well suited to understanding both the technical and socioeconomic aspects of Monero, Bitcoin, and other decentralized ledger technologies. View Dr. Daniel Kim's publications, presentations, and more.

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