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December 2019

Keynote Speech at 36C3

Dr. Kim presents “Fiat, Bitcoin, Monero: 2008 - present” at the Central Decentralization Cluster of 36C3, the 36th meeting of Europe’s largest computer security conference.

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December 2019

Podcast Interview

Dr. Kim discusses cryptotrusts - a hybrid solution in which trusts within favorable jurisdictions can hold self-custodied cryptocurrencies as part of their investment portfolios - in conversation with David Warren, JD, CEO of the Bridgeford Trust Company.

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August 2019

Keynote Speech at DEF CON 27

Dr. Kim presents “Monero: Foundations of Money” at Monero Village, the only cryptocurrency project to be granted its own stage at DEF CON 27, the fabled Las Vegas hacker conference.

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October 2018

Personal Interview

In this biographical interview, Dr. Kim discusses his background and multi-sectoral career.

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Bibliography & Publications

Academic Finance Research

Dr. Kim is a co-author of “Liquidity as an Investment Style”, which the CFA Institute selected as the 2013 winner of its prestigious Graham and Dodd Top Award for original research in applied finance.

Bibliography of Publications

Dr. Kim’s bibliography of published work includes many peer-reviewed research articles in particle physics, radiotherapy, healthcare IT, and equity investing.